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The dream of every woman at all times - a gentle, velvety skin, to which as a nice touch to your loved one, so nice to look around. Yet how often prevent girls achieve this ideal unwanted hair. Many resort to the shaver, wax and other methods of hair removal. However, the hair grow again, there is irritation, spent precious time and only laser hair removal is the best way to painless and long-term hair removal with modern equipment. The diode laser Lumenis Light Sheer ET is the latest generation of laser systems for hair removal (radiation in the range 810-940 nm). Diode laser destroys the hair follicle, but does not damage the skin around it.
Epilation affects only the hair are in the active growth phase. 1 is destroyed by the procedure of 10 to 20% of the hair, as 10-20% of the bulbs is not in the growth phase and are not a target for the laser. For dormant bulbs needed subsequent sessions at certain intervals. Total epilation course consists of 4-8 procedures and removes 90-95%. If hair removal is performed in the most sensitive areas of the body (upper lip laser hair removal, laser hair removal underarms, bikini laser hair removal) and your pain threshold very low - will come to the aid of anesthetic cream. On the arms, back, legs, anesthesia is not required, it is less sensitive areas (laser hair removal prices Kiev). Well, of course we should not forget that this procedure is not exclusively female. Many men are faced with the problem of folliculitis after shaving.
Our beauty clinic "VITA GOLD" Kiev offers to get rid of unwanted hair. We have the best doctors with high qualification and extensive experience in the field of dermatology, and our equipment meets the latest standards. Diode Laser group Lumenis Light Sheer hair removal is the gold standard allowed by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.